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size: M(168cm)/L(177cm)/XL(185cm)/XXL(192cm)


packing unit: 50EA/Box

BoxSpecifications: 590(L)*400(W)*480(H)

Empty Box: 1.568kg


XL 240g x 50ea =12kg(13.6kg)

L 222g x 50ea =11.10kg(12.7kg)

M 198g x 50ea = 9.90kg(11.5kg)


1. Item Name / Model : SAFETIME ST-1348 (Type4/Level D)

2. Specification: POLYPROPYLENE 50% / POLYETHYLENE 50%

3. Fabric Weight : 55g/m²

4. Performance evaluation of type 4 safety suit

   The highest level(Rate of Change 1.59%)-KIMM-20-0234

5. Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute (KATRI)

   -.artificial blood permeability – Passed all the 6 steps :

      KS K ISO 16603:2012–SPEA20-00000151(KATRI NO)

   -.Liquid rebound test - Rebound index 94.2%~98.0%(Class 2,3) :        The highest level -SPEA19-00000361(KATRI NO)

   -.liquid penetration test - Penetration index 0.0% (Class 3) :

      The highest level -SPEA19-00000361(KATRI NO)

   -.abrasion strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, tear          resistance, piercing strength :

      The highest level -SPEA20-00000151(KATRI NO)

The era spirit of the medical protective clothing.

The protective clothing is not just a piece of clothing.

It is the life of many people who work hard because of COVID-19. We are not making a ‘piece of clothing’, but a ‘lifeguard’.

Quality is the result of familiarity.

We have invested a lot of time to get used to it, and we produce it in quality.

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